[Article 71]Staying Warm During A Winter Disaster

how to stay warm during a disasterA winter disaster can be any family’s worst nightmare. Snow and ice storms can hit your home without warning, even if your local weather reporters are able to catch a hint of it in time. This is why it’s important for any family to be prepared and ready to keep warm. Ice can knock down power lines and leave you in the cold. Although community centers are usually available in these types of situations, it’s essential that you stockpile on blankets and warm materials in case this type of situation ever happens and you cannot get out of the house. If you live in an area that is prone to bad winter weather, you’ll know this all too well. By ensuring you have a good supply of winter materials stored away, you can keep your family safe and warm while you wait for the power to come back on.

What Types Of Materials To Store Away In Case Of A Winter Disaster

Large fleece or wool blankets, hats, mittens, emergency blankets and extra clothing should be the number one priority when you are storing away supplies for any cold weather emergency. Keeping them in a tub or some sort of box that is waterproof is important. In the case where a flooding occurs because of a winter storm, these supplies can be easily damaged and compromised. Sealed emergency blankets can provide a back up in the case where your other blankets are wet, and extra clothing will keep you and your family bundled up.

Extra Equipment You Can Consider For Your Emergency Winter Kit

Back up generators can be a costly investment, but they could help you power your house through a winter storm. By investing in a back up generator (and only buying the best one on the market,) you’ll be ensuring quality and quantity in case of these types of emergencies. It becomes even more important for you to have a back up generator if you have young infants or seniors living in your household, as they are more receptive and can be more easily damaged by the cold than most adults. Family members with conditions can also feel the effects much more than you may be able to. Taking these thoughts into consideration before you buy a generator will help you determine the size and power of the one you will need.

Using a whole home generator may allow you to use your heating and cooling service as long as your heating system runs on electricity. However, heating a home with electric heating is very expensive and will use a lot of gas in the generator. Most of the heating and air conditioning in Boise where we live runs off of natural gas and we can not depend of the gas lines working in time of disaster.

What Type Of Contacts To Keep During A Winter Disaster

Like any emergency, it’s important that you consider a list of emergency contacts and who to reach out to in the case of a severe winter storm. This should be an essential part of any winter kit you end up building. If your area is prone to these types of winter storms, you will easily be able to access the information through emergency broadcasts and through word of mouth from your other neighbors. Keep a shovel handy as well if you need to make an escape from your own home.